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Unique real estate investment opportunities in Mykonos for serious entrepreneurs

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece and a cosmopolitan tourist attraction with a number of more than 500,000 each year, and it attracts investments for luxury hotels and residence. 

Mykonos is one of the places along the Mediterranean basin with the highest return on investment in real estate properties

The suggested plots are in excellent locations with options for hotels,residence and commerce building permits.

Zvi Cohen is an experienced  real estate agent who, together with his Greek partner who is highly familiar with the Mykonos real estate market, sells residential and commercial plots for investments.  

Personal assistant in receiving the necessary permits for building and in communicating with the authorities



Property 1 details

Plot surface: 430,000 m2 ,on the beach

Approved  building permits: 60,000 m2

Exclusive Zoning : Residential & Hotels

Price: 21 Million Euro

Not in the market

Property 2 details

Plot surface: 13,000 m2

Approved  building permits: 4,000 m2

Exclusive Zoning : Residential

Building permit: Up to 6-8 month 

Price: 3.2 Million Euro


Not in the market

Property 3 details

Plot surface: 1500 m2, View to the sea

Approved  building permits: 400-500 m2

Exclusive Zoning: Commercial or Villa

Price: 800,000 Euro


Not in the market

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